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    Welcome to, home to Kodiak Junction, the fictional little town that time forgot.  Named after my beloved friend Kodi the Husky Dog, Kodiak Junction lets me get away from real life and let the trains roll!  Keep an eye out as Kodi wanders into pictures every now and then in miniature form.     

    I have been collecting and operating Lionel, MTH, K-Line and others for almost my entire life. My father set up his modest layout at Christmas every year and my brother and sisters always helped out. When I married and moved into my own home I started my own tradition of a holiday layout, only I got bitten by the train "bug" and started to gather quite a collection.

   I own mostly Lionel with Command Control and modern Lionel accessories. I do have and continue to buy Lionel post-war but the Command Control items have kept my interest lately. Most of my MTH items are rolling stock and accessories. At this point I own only a couple of MTH engines and have incorporated the DCS Command system onto my layout as well to get the most out of them.

   My current layout is certainly not anything huge or complex as the room available to me is small but I use this space to refine and work on skills that I will need when I do have the room to expand Kodiak Junction into a big life of it's own!  I currently have Ross Switches, Lionel Tubular track, as well as DCS and Legacy Command Components.  The power to my layout is supplied by 2 PW ZW transformers and 1 PWC ZW Controller.  Simple loops provide me with some run time since my divorce and relocation to a temporary residence.  Not wanting to start anything too grand until I am in my permanent home.

   Trains and Lionel Trains especially have given me a release from the pressures and worries of everyday life.  A little escape from my problems and concerns.  When sitting at the layout with the controller in hand, listening to the roar of the diesel or watching the drivers of a steam locomotive and everything else no longer matters.  I've returned to my childhood where life was so much simpler.  No jobs, wife, kids, or worries.  Just a boy and his dad's Lionel trains.

   Through my own experiences and those of others I hope to achieve someday that "Ultimate Railroad".

   So sit back and browse. Let me know what you think by emailing me at


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