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Here are a few tips and tricks that might make your day a little easier.

Click on the links below for a new window.  When you're done close the window to return to this page!  Please if you are unsure if any procedure here will damage your equipment or feel uncomfortable using them please refrain.  All are done at your own responsibility. 


Changing the Battery in an MTH PS1 Steamer.  June 2002

Phasing a PWC ZW Controller with a Classic PW ZW.   August 2002

A picture tour of my Transformer Stand    January 2008

The PWC ZW Controller.  Changing the chip!   October 2008

Under the hood of the Legacy GP7 Smoke Unit Stacks.    July 2009

Tuning up a Lionel Pre Legacy Smoke Unit     July 2009

Lionel TMCC Reset Codes from Lionel    August 2009

A Handy tool for your railroad!   March 2010

Legacy Upgrade Procedure    April 2010

NEW!  Legacy Informational Videos!  NEW!

Some videos I created based on the Lionel Legacy System.

All videos are hosted on Youtube. and the owners of this website are not affiliated with
Lionel, L.L.C. and the Lionel Legacy system.  Lionel(R) and Legacy(TM)
are trademarks of Lionel, L.L.C.

All videos done for my own personal enjoyment and to help others enjoy Lionel's Legacy System.



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