The Rob Pratte Photo album Part III...

Wow up to part 3!  This layout has come a long way and is the home stretch!  Scenery is almost done and the residents will start moving in.  More trains are making the rounds as supplies and passengers crowd the rails.  Rob's odyssey is almost over and now it's just about  time to run trains!  November 22, 2003

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We start off with a little perspective today.  I donned my wide angle lens once again to get as much of the room in as I could.  You can see that the layout wraps all the way around the family room. 


And now the Yard area of the layout.  Still using the wide angle to get as much as I could in one shot.  This would be the view of the yard from the "Mt. Washington" section of the layout.  The folks that will be moving in up there are some lucky dogs!


This is a look at the Roundhouse and Turntable.  With the lens you get a more complete look.

  A MTH Rail King Blue Comet is back near the tower as a CP and Hudson are in the bays for some maintenance.  The Yard is well lit by Lionel's double stack yard lights.  These are some nice lights.  If you need some illumination I would recommend them.


A similar shot without the wide angle lens and at night.  The yard is completely a glow.  Looks like it the Penssy Decapods turn for some TLC in Mr. Potter's Roundhouse.  Some of the scenery in this area was not complete yet but the lights give this scene a surreal look!


After returning to service the MTH Decapod is back on the mainline.  Time is money and this 2-10-0 is high balling to Pittsburgh with freight in tow!


Looking right into the Roundhouse.  An awesome view.  The Atlas Turntable has been performing quite well.  As I said before the indexing is very accurate.


The new P&LE switcher races around the yard area getting trains ready for departure.  This is one of the newest MTH Pittsburgh area offerings.  It was on the layout to shot a commercial for the Pittsburgh area.  A really cool little switcher.


And finally for today's update a night time look at the mountain and tunnel area.  A blue twilight cast a moonlit glow upon the majestic mountains!  

What a load of bull!  It just looks cool!


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