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Here is a picture dated March 28, 1947. The time is 9:30am. The picture is of my late grandfather Conrad opening the 48 Arlington loop of the Pittsburgh Railway Trolley Co. The car number was 1151. I also posted a picture of one of my mother's brothers and the family train.

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2010 Photo Album has begun!  New motive power and the return of some classics!

All New!  MartyE Wall Papers!

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Kodiak Junction Studios




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  Legacy Engines SD40 and GP7

  Lionel Phantom

  Lionel AT&SF E6 Atlantic Steamer

  Lionel AT&SF E6 Atlantic Steamer Part 2






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My Dad's Trains


My brother, Paul's Trains

Paul's '07-'08 Layout

Postwar is King!  Check back more to come!




  Rob Pratte'sLayout Part I  

Rob Pratte's Layout Part II

 Rob Pratte Part III





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