2010 has arrived along with new motive power to Kodiak Junction.  

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Lionel's Legacy SD40 makes it's way through Chloe Ravine on the way to Kodiak Junction.  On the upper line coming out of Luna Pass is the Southern 2356 F3s.  A 4 unit diesel pulling passengers to the big city!


The AT&SF has recently started passenger service into Kodiak Junction.  Seems the little town is starting to gain momentum.  The E6 Atlantic pulls into Kodiak Junction.


Waite Family John Deere Dealership has come to Kodiak Junction.


Mr. Jena has lent us some prints.  He is quite the photographer and seems to find a way to make trains come alive on film.  Here's a great shot of the 1484.


Kodiak Junction is in the background of this shot.  The Southern is pulling into Kodiak Junction while the E6 pulls it's heavy weights across the arch bridge.


Power of Steam!


The Pennsylvania RR GP7 assisted by the NYC bringing freight to the depot.  Making the climb out of Kodiak Junction towards Shelby Corner.


Another look at these powerful engines!


Another weekend Railfest brings a line up of F3s.  From Left to right we have the Hew Haven, Southern, New York Central, and the Atlantic Coast Line!


The Mighty J makes it's return to Kodiak Junction.  Sidelined for a while due to mechanical overhaul it is now ready to resume it's dominance on the line!



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