2009 and the construction is almost done!

The main lines are done and train service has been running along the rails.  A lot of the construction has been finished with only some finishing touches left.

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Kodiak Junction!


The main line above Kodiak Junction has been done and the PRR has sent their beautiful F3s in for the opening celebration.  The old meets the new as the N&S SD40s pull along side for a great picture!


The PRR F3s await the "All Clear".  Heading down into Kodiak Junction for the big festivities!


The N&S SD 40 heading past Shelby Corner.  Now that rail service is back to pre construction levels, freight has been arriving daily.


The N&S is coupled up with a couple NYC classic Geeps.  All the railroad classics have shown up to celebrate the opening of the new trackage!  


A Lackawanna  Trainmaster on display just off the main.  Behind it is a C&O Hudson,  Both of these expect to see a great deal of tourist traffic. 


The PRR F3s have made it over Chloe Ravine.  The F units are pulling classic frieght cars from the early days. 


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