The 2008 Photos are here!

Kodiak Junction has since added Legacy Control to it's inventory.  Along with DCS, Legacy gives the engineers the finest control there is!  Big changes are coming as well from what we hear from the railroad so town photographer Ray Jena has gone out to take some shots for the history books! 

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The Pennsylvania T1 is fueling up outside Kodiak Junction.  After the long trip from Shelby County a load of coal will keep the crew on schedule.


After the T1 departed the Century Turbine has pulled through town on it's way to the presidential convention.  Kodiak Junction resident and store owner Joe Stout is the towns sole delegate and the Turbine will get him there on time!


Old timers Conrad and Leo get a game of checkers in while their dogs Molly and Chance hang out along side.  Looks like Leo is getting ready to be "kinged"!


Another busy day at the Kodiak Junction's freight plaza.  The C&O Hudson is just pulling in to off load.  On the above trackage the NYC GP7s pull a train headed East.  


We're in luck!  Mr. J was able to get a closer shot of the "Geeps" before they left town.  Mr. J has always had a knack for getting the perfect picture.  He even makes these engine look like a work of art.


More trains are headed East past Kodiak Junction.  This small town in a railroad fans dream.  More trains run past and through Kodiak junction on a given day than the famous Horseshoe Curve!  The sun has just set and as daylight fades away the small town lights up.


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