The 2007 Photo album...

Well the new Kodiak Junction is really coming together since the alien invasion several months back so it's time for some pictures...

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The Pennsylvania Flyer is pulling out of Kodiak Junction.  The traffic has backed up on the city side of the tracks as the folks get ready for another long weekend.


Dusk falls upon Kodiak Junction as the sun sets in the west.  The Pennsy Flyer is long gone.


As night falls the town comes alive with folks heading home from work.  The Mid Town Hobby Shop is doing a brisk business with all the new trains in the catalog.


Ray Jena who owns the Photo Shoppe just over the tracks is Kodiak Junctions Famous Photographer.  He has photographed presidents, movie stars and other famous folks.  He served in the war as a photographer and has offered to photograph G.I.s and their immediate families for free.


The market is always loaded with fresh produce from McCoy's Farms.  The tavern next door is busy as usual.  With the holidays a fixture here in Kodiak Junction the Post Office is always busy with last minute packages.


From behind Mr. J's Photo Studio we get a good look at the East part of town including the very popular MidTown Models.  Kids from the park often stand at the windows to take in all the new train action happening on the 3 large layouts in the store.


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