The 2006 Photo album...

It's been quite a while since I did an album but with some recent work on the layout some photos are in order!

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The busy intersection at Chloe and Main.  The Ray Jena Studio is doing a brisk business this morning as is the hobby shop.  Mr. J always takes the best portraits here in Kodiak Junction!


Looks like things are getting back to normal on the other side of the tunnel after a massive construction project.  A new freight plaza has been built to handle the large volume of supplies coming in and out of Kodiak Junction.


The local hobby shop is open late tonight to accommodate the working moms and dads.  Looks like some little guy is getting a new train!


The conductor is waiting for the all clear after the 2332 GG1 off loaded it's freight.  All is well on the railroad tonight!


Kodi wanders onto the scene as the 2332 is waiting to pull out.  The crews from  the trains that come through Kodiak Junction all know Kodi and always have a biscuit in their pockets for him!



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