The 2003-2004 Photo album...

More Photos and captions.  I like the way last years album turned out so I will continue...

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A worker at Kodiak Junction is closely watched by the town's namesake, Kodi.  He has been working at the towns power plant as the Lionel #44 Army train passes on it's way to the California coast.


Here we get another look as the #44 consist passes.  A UP SD 40 is seen in the background at a crossing.  It is a busy night.


Kodi strolls by the UFO Diner on 50's nite.  The diner host the event weekly for the town to show off their vintage cars.  Seems everyone owns one here in Kodiak Junction!


A UP SD40-2 passes the UFO Diner parking lot.  The UP was painted in camouflage to support the gulf war vets.  Kodiak Junction is an odd sort of place where trains from all eras can been seen on the rails.


A couple ties the knot on look out point.  Kodi has wandered onto the scene to see if he can muster up an wedding cake.  A MTH Railking PRR Decapod steams below sending soot and steam into the air.



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