The 2002-2003 Photo album...

I'm doing it a bit different this year.  No thumbnails, and some added captions to help bring the pictures to life!

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The Lionel Norfolk and Western J 606 winds it's way through the farm on it's way to Kodiak Junction!


The Lionel Lines Torpedo waits at the station.


With a closer look we see that "Our Boys" are getting ready to defend our country.  The conductor doesn't mind running a little late to let them say goodbye to their girls.


Workmen busily attend to Kodiak Junctions first nuclear power plant.  Still not knowing the potential dangers the plant was built in the middle of the town.  Can you say disaster movie?


The fire department lends a hand in stringing the town tree with holiday decorations as a young lady makes here way into Ray Jena's Photo Studio for a holiday portrait.


The Mid Town Model Shop is staying open late tonight for the big pre holiday sale.  Maybe that's your mom going in to pickup a new train set for under the tree.


Josh found his grandfather's camera in the closet with film still in it.  He found this beautiful shot of a Norfolk&Western J climbing Kodiak Rise.  What other history will he un-cover?  Keep watching!

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