The Great Train Photo Album

Pictures of the 2001-2002 layout!  Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized picture. Use your browser's back button to return to the thumbnail page! 


Baby Pacific cuts through the town.   CC Berk waits for Baby Pacific to clear the line.   A little driving practice.   Just where is the course?   Lionel J Car will have to do untile my scale J shows up.   

Century Club Hudson and The 2356 Southern.   The Century Club Hudson and the Southern standingby to take the green.   NYC Hudson stands alone.   The Hudson waits as the Centennial SD90 passes above.   Southern by itself.

Northfolk&Western J   Looking in the cab.   The MTH Pittsburgh PCC   The PCC across the bridge   Lionels Nuclear Reactor   Lionel Centennial SD90

PWCSouthern and Scale J   MAC Tonite!   The J leaving the tunnel.   The Industrial area   The J comes out of the tunnel   The J at Night

Southern and J again!   The Southern speeds past the J   The passenger cars follow as the J waits to take the green!   The SD90 from the rear of the layout.   SD90 speeds past.   The Phantom passes the hobo camp.

Even plasticville needs a hobby shop.   LLBaby Pacific, The Phantom, GE Demo and the CC773   The residential street   McCoy's Roadside stand.   US ARmy Chopper Over the Layout!   The Industrial Area

More Industries.   Squad 51 to the rescue!   Behind the Phantom!   The SD90 passes on top while the Southern passenger cars go by.   MTH Signals   The Pittsburgh PCC taking the soldiers off to the train station.

An overview.   Decent amount of J smoke!   My daughter at the controls of a small TMCC loop!   

Dad's Layout

Here are a few pictures of my dad's layout. He still uses lead people! Scale doesn't always matter! Also looks like my dad needs to do some painting. A little natural wood showing.

My father's original Lionel 2356 and 671.   Dad's MTH Pittsburgh PCC busily carrying commuters home.   Air Raid! Incoming! The lead army protects Plasticville!   Dad's farm has some unfinished business.   A skating we will go. Note the original street lamps.   A view of downtown Plasticville.

A better resolution of dad's layout.   Another view.

Dad's layout doesn't have the bells and whistles of Command Control or heavy scenery but you know sometimes I like to go down there and become a kid again. Holding onto the handles of the ZWs and watching his layout come to life in it's own way!



Paul's Layout  Updated 9/3/02

Some pictures of my brothers layout joins the Photo Album. These photos were taken before the final cleanup after construction.


Overview   Another look.   The PW Texas Special   MTH Trolley crosses into the town!   Mixing classic Lionels Crossing gates with scale touches.   The Santa Fe races to keep on schedule!

The trolley at the other end of the line.   The Texas Special makes it's way through the mountains.   Another over all look.   More of the same.   The K-Line Collectors Club GG1   Post War only.  No modern here.

   The Texas Special snakes over the town.   Part of my brother's steam roster.   The workers of Lionelville keep the dirt roads...well...dirty.   




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