Paul's 2008 PW Holiday Layout!

My brother has been bugging me for a while to update his pictures so I'm giving him his own section!

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Paul does a Holiday layout every year.  The scenery is not overly fancy but in the tradition of dad the plywood is painted green and the roads are oil dry.  He uses Plasticville contractors with a few others mixed in.  The trains...well nothing made in this century!


The switch says it all.  Lionel Postwar.  A very few modern items make it on the layout.  Nothing says Postwar layout like the glow of Lionel switches.


The 2356 Southern F3!  My dad has raised us well.  Paul has a true postwar version.  No Railsounds here.  The F3 is ready to roll out.  Joining it is a 726 Berkshire.  


One of the few modern pieces is an MTH trolley.  The trolley is modeled after the PCCs that were part of Pittsburgh's past.  It's the only reason it made it on the layout.


The Plasticville factory.  All the buildings are lit.  Folks need something to do besides worrying about the dogs chewing then up!


More Plasticville.  Filler up!


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